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An open sea island among the Eastern Helsinki islands, Hattusaari makes for a great kayaking destination. Embark on the paddling journey and enjoy the nature.

One of the most remote recreational islands in the Eastern Helsinki archipelago, Hattusaari lies on the brink to the open sea, approximately six kilometers from Vuosaari Paddling Center. 

The paddling trip to Hattusaari is worthwhile, though. The view to the Baltic Sea is spectacular and the nature on the island is utmost beautiful. The 2,6 hectares’ island is mostly open and treeless, and the island is an important nature reserve. Being a nesting spot for birds, it is recommended only to visit Hattusaari starting from July. Camping on the island is allowed and free-of-charge, and being located more far out on the sea, Hattusaari makes for a great overnight trip destination. This paddling journey is definitely worth taking.

Hattusaari info and services

Services: bbq spot & camp fire place, outhouse

Paddling distance from Vuosaari Paddling Center: 6 km

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