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What’s the relax level of going to a sauna after paddling. That’s right: maximum! Combine sauna and paddling in Helsinki – visit the Vuosaari Paddling Center.

This route will lead to Pikku Leikosaari island, a small recreational island in the Helsinki archipelago. The island features a public wood-heated sauna, which makes this trip quite special. 

Embark on the route by paddling until the Kallahdenniemi peninsula’s tip. From there you will cross a boat lane at its narrowest point at Haapasaari island. Head past the islands of Santinen and Iso Leikosaari towards the final destination. Best landing spots for kayakers on Pikku Leikosaari are on the northern shore. Beware of the slippery cliffs while disembarking.

For the usage of the sauna you’ll need to bring a knife for carving the tinders, and matches. The firewood is already there. As the sauna is open for everyone, be prepared to wait a while for your turn. Remember that it’s not allowed to throw sea water on the hot sauna rocks – there are usually rainwater reservoirs at the sauna.

Pikku Leikosaari is a great outdoor destination: there are tenting grounds as well as picnic sites with fireplaces. Being one of the most popular spots in the archipelago, the island will be crowded especially on sunny days. Read more about the services on the island of Pikku Leikosaari. 
An alternative route back will lead across two boat lanes towards Pieni Villasaari island. From there head to a strait between Iso Villasaari and Karhusaari islands. The narrow channel is a beautiful natural site with ancient rock formations and nesting seabirds. After the strait you’ll see the magnificent Kivisaari island villa to your north. 

After this island you’ll cross another boat lane and head towards the Satamasaari and Pikku Satamasaari islands with over a hundred small summer huts. After them paddle past Malkasaari island, which is the last possible spot on this route for a small breather. 

Paddling route info

Length: 9 km

Approximate duration: 2–4 hours

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