Siirry sisältöön

These wonderful recreational islands are located on the open sea within the Helsinki archipelago. Make the trip on calm weathers and enjoy the nature sights!

From the Vuosaari Paddling Center follow the Kallahdenniemi peninsula until you reach the swimming beach. Go around it from a distance as it is shallow and cross the boat lane beside Haapasaari island. 

From here you will continue southeast between the Santinen and Iso Leikosaari islands. After Iso Leikosaari there’s a busy boat lane – be careful. On the other side of the lane you will already see the Pihlajaluoto island.

The southern part of the island is in public use. Be ready to get your feet wet as the landing spots are not the easiest here. It’s is definitely recommendable to go ashore as Pihlajaluoto is a luscious place for sunbathing and picnics. Read more about Pihlajaluoto here.

A short hop south from Pihlajaluoto you will reach the Hattusaari island. There’s a sandy beach on the northern shore, an easy spot to go ashore. This is a bird island, and as numerous birds nest on the island, it’s not recommendable to be visited before July. Read more about Hattusaari here.

Paddling route info

Length: 10 km

Approximate duration: 3–4 h

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