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Tammisalo is one the most beautfiful districts in Helsinki. Paddle around this island – recommendable on windy days as the route is well sheltered. 

Start your journey and head southwest towards the Ramsinniemi peninsula and Vartiosaari island. The boat lane at Ramsinsalmi strait should be crossed with precaution and the paddling continued along the Vartiosaari shoreside towards north. There’s a calm beach on the island of Vartiosaari – a good spot for a break. 

As you pass the Vasikkaluoto islet, you will see the Strömsinlahti boat depot and Tammisalo island beside it. There’s a narrow channel leading to the paddling route around Tammisalo – be advised there’s a boat lane to be crossed. 

Enter the channel and paddle some 500 meters. The channel will be divided to two separate routes, both suitable for paddling. After the small island situated between the two channels you will arrive to Porolahti bay. You can go ashore on either side, as these lands are Helsinki city public park areas. 

After paddling below a bridge you will enter Tiiliruukinlahti bay. Head left from here. In turning right, you would enter the paddling route around Laajasalo suburb and reach the waters of downtown Helsinki. This route will be over 20 km so reserve a lot of time in case you want to paddle this route. 

Heading left and continuing around Tammisalo you will enter the next narrow channel at the base of the bay. This channel contains traffic lights and there will be conflicting traffic, for instance bus boats. Never, under any circumstances, run the red light, and give room to other, faster vessels. There’s no rush here – just take your time, beware the water traffic and enjoy the nature and the beautiful district of Tammisalo. 

After the traffic lights you will enter Reposalmi bay. There’s a boat lane so observe the traffic and cross quickly. From here you will see Vartiosaari island again and will follow its shores back towards Ramsinniemi peninsula. For a longer paddling trip turn east and head to the Kotiluoto and Villaluodot islands for a picnic.  

Paddling route info

Length: 12 km

Approximate duration: 3–4 h

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