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Cruising through the forests and seashores – what a splendid Fatbike tour in the heart of Helsinki! Book your guided Fatbike tour now. 

The Vuosaari district is a special place for biking - being mostly flat, You can easily reach long distances in a short amount of time and don’t need to be that poised to biking. And of course the are plenty of nice beaches and recreational grounds for picnics and breaks in between the pedaling. Join our scheduled & guided Fatbike tours – they are available all the year around. Yes, that’s right: our fat-tire and multiple-gear Fatbikes can be rode even on snow!

Guided Fatbike tours

The Natura Viva Fatbike tours in Vuosaari are available all year round, the Helsinki Winter Fatbike on every Saturday and Sunday until the end of April, private tours every day! Choose your date and we will confirm the bike and guide availabilities. Helsinki is full of nature and a great way to explore it is by riding a Fatbike. The bikes are easy to ride and fun. 

We ride on dirt roads and small tracks through forests and along the coast of eastern Helsinki. The bikes work well in the winter, so the tours are not dependent on the weather. Snowy and icy conditions make the ride a bit more demanding, but just as fun. Join us on an unforgettable bike ride!

There are also scheduled guided Fatbike tours available in our Nuuksio Hawk Nest resort.

Self-guided Fatbike tours in the summer season

If You prefer taking on a Fatbike trip of your own, we will provide You with rental bikes and helmets. Stroll around the district for just a couple of hours or rent the bike over night. Fatbiking is a fun way to get to know the area and find out its secret sweet spots!

Vuosaari – a biking country

The Vuosaari district expands over an area of 150 hectares and the premises are multi-faceted: You can pedal along the seashore or venture deeper into the pine tree forests. Remember to stay on the marked trails and tracks inside the natural preservation zones as it is forbidden to ride a bike outside them inside the preservation zones. And if You fancy a more urban yet nautical environment, there are numerous boulevards and suburban centres around the area. 

As the moniker suggests, the tires of the Fatbikes are wider then normal and the tire pressure can be kept on a lower-than-normal level. This means more friction and better handling attributes. On a Fatbike You can easily pedal on demanding surfaces such as wet and soft soil, ice and snow.

Fatbike self-service rentals in Vuosaari during the winter season

Rent a Fatbike on any day during the winter season. The self-service rental service is available until the end of April. You can rent the bike starting from 2 hours up to a whole day. Upon payment you will receive more detailed instructions and the pin code. With the code you get access to the rental storage. Get on a fatbike and try this great winter activity!

Choosing the right size bike for you

Size S is suitable for 160 – 175 cm length

Size M is suitable for 170 – 185 cm length

Size S is suitable for 180 – 195 cm length

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