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The Nuuksio National Park is a splendid biking ground. Rent a Fatbike mountain bike at Hawk Nest and go on exploring the area. It’s fun and good exercise!

The new Fatbikes rented out by Natura Viva are bona fide all-terrain mountain bikes, with either 18 or 11 gears, hand brakes and extra fat tires, which will hold even on complicated terrains such as ice, snow and mud. Even if the Nuuksio area is hilly and uneven, riding a Fatbike here should be great fun. It’s also good exercise and a great outdoor recreation.

Biking features in Nuuksio

When planning a bike trip in Nuuksio, get familiarized with the routes before you go. Biking in Nuuksio is only allowed on marked tracks, since the delicate and vulnerable nature would get affected by it, if unlimited. But despite the restrictions the biking routes are plentiful. When visiting the Hawk Nest rental center, you will be handed a map with the approved bike routes. We will also gladly assist you with all questions and inquiries.  

One of the more interesting bike routes leading through the Nuuksio area is called Reitti 2000, which has its origins in downtown Helsinki. Expanding to Nuuksio and beyond, this route is some 110 kilometers long. Altogether there are about 30 kilometers worth of bike routes in Nuuksio, varying from roads to forest trails to wagon paths. 

All allowed routes are marked with a cyclist symbol. 

Rent a Fatbike

Rent your Fatbike at Hawk Nest, enjoy a beverage and embark on a biking adventure. We also offer guided Fatbike tours in Nuuksio National Park from 1.5.2018. We also rent out Fatbikes at the Vuosaari Paddling Center, Helsinki.

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