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The Nahkiaispolku trail is a short but challenging one. Visit the Nuuksio National Park, have a coffee at Cafe Silva and embark on this demanding hike.  

The Nahkiaispolku trail starts off from Hawk Nest and heads deep to the woods of the Nuuksio National Park. Along the way you can observe the nature preservation projects taking place in Nuuksio for the time being.  

Nahkiaispolku is a short hiking trail with a length of two kilometers and an approximate duration of one hour. 

Nahkiaispolku features

The Nahkiaispolku trail is marked with brown pine cone symbols. 

There are no services along the Nahkiaispolku trail. When heading out, remember to fill your water bottle and the Hawk Nest. Enjoy a coffee or a beverage at Cafe Silva before embarking on the walk. 

The Nahkiaispolku trail is a demanding hike with many tricky segments and hilly regions. We recommend this trail to experienced hikers only.

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