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Korpinkierros is a truly wonderful hiking trail in the Nuuksio National Park. You will encounter many beautiful nature sights. Come to Nuuksio for a visit!

The longest of the hiking trails passing the Hawk Nest resort, the Korpinkierros trail has a length of maximum 7,2 kilometers, if starting off from Hawk Nest. The path leads to Holma-Saarijärvi lake and on the route you'll encounter clifftops as well as forest areas. As the trail passes the Mustalampi lake, you’ll have the chance to observe the famous floating turf rafts. Explore the beautiful Nuuksio nature at its most diverse on the Korpinkierros.   

Walked on normal pace, this hike will take about four hours. 

Korpinkierros features

The Korpinkierros trail is marked with a yellow diamond pattern. 

On Holma-Saarijärvi there are two campfire places and camping sites as well as on lake Mustalampi. If starting the trail from Siikaniemi district, the Kolmoislampi camping site with reservable camping grounds will be encountered. Hawk Nest features a water post, outhouse and the lovely Cafe Silva, a nice place to sit down for a coffee before the journey. 

Korpinkierros is a demanding trail with steep climbs, uneven terrain and difficult segments. We recommend this hike for seasoned hikers.

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