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One of the famous sights in the Nuuksio National Park, the Mustalampi features floating turf rafts. Start your excursion from the Hawk Nest base camp.

The Mustalampi, an artificial lake formed through dam-building, is located very close to the Hawk Nest, some 500 m walk away. So grab a coffee at Cafe Silva and take a map with you from the recreational center and head over to Mustalampi to observe the most famous sight in the Nuuksio National Park: the floating turf rafts. When the dams were built and the water level rose, soil got loose and started floating on the surface. 

There are two campfire sites on lake Mustalampi, on both sides of the trail leading there, on the northern shores of the lake. The other one features a covered cooking site, and there are camping grounds beside both locations. 

Three of the major hiking trails starting from Hawk Nest, the Punarinnankierros trail, the Korpinkierros trail and the Haukankierros trail all pass the Mustalampi campfire sites. The terrain around Mustalampi is hilly and there are some steep climbs on the trails.

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