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Winter biking in Helsinki is great fun! Rent a Fatbike and start your own bike trip, or take part in Natura Viva’s guided Helsinki Winter Fatbike excursion.

Biking during the winter is not as unlikely or unpleasant as it would seem. Don’t flinch of the sight of uncomfortable-appearing work commuters pedaling away on the slushy streets of downtown Helsinki – winter biking can be great fun! When the equipment are on point and the weather not too demanding, a winter bike trip in Helsinki is actually a very enjoyable outdoor activity.

Fatbike is the optimal bike of choice for winter conditions. Courtesy to their wider-than-normal tires, they offer enough friction on snowy or icy surfaces. Multiple gears help on sometimes exhausting treks – our Fatbikes have at least 11 gears, some even 18. On a Fatbike and with some warm winter clothing on, you will have a lot of fun biking in winter conditions. Don’t forget the beanie!

Book a guided winter biking tour in Helsinki

For those looking for the easiest and most relaxing winter biking experience, we suggest taking part in our weekly guided Helsinki Winter Fatbike tour. This excursion suits everyone, the only requirement being basic biking skills and some prior experience in biking. Helsinki Winter Fatbike commences from Vuosaari Paddling Center, and along the journey we will bike by the sea, in the forests and also on more urban sections of the Vuosaari neighborhood.

The guides will make sure the pace is kept relaxing and suitable for all bikers, and there will be coffee and snacking breaks during the trip. The nature will take your breath away, the biking itself will bring you a lot of joy and energy, and you get to meet the other riders – this is a triple-win! Helsinki Winter Fatbike is a unique and truly remarkable way to get to know the nature of Finland’s capital.

Rent a Fatbike, go on a winter bike trip in Helsinki

Natura Viva has Fatbikes for rent in the Vuosaari Paddling center in Eastern Helsinki seashore. When you are looking for a winter bike rental in Helsinki, don’t look further – we are here for you and provide you with the optimal winter biking gear. During the winter season our Fatbike rental work on a self-service basis: when booking the Fatbike, you will receive instructions for picking up and returning the bike.

Vuosaari, being a neighbourhood of even terrain and almost no hills, offers relaxing winter biking routes – tens of kilometers of them. And we ensure you the views to the nature are fantastic. In Vuosaari you will pedal literally by the frozen and epically beautiful Baltic Sea.

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