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The Pihkapirtti cottage is right in the middle of the park, on the shore of the Mustalampi pond. It’s a blue log cabin built in the 1990s. The picture-perfect location on the lakeshore is due to the opposite Mustavuori hill.

The rooms and the yard

Pihkapirtti is a log cabin built in the 1990s. There is a kitchen, a spacious main room, a sauna, a bedroom and a sleeping balcony. There is a dry toilet, a tipi-like hut and two benches outside in the yard and a swimming dock on the lakeshore. It can be used all year around, but we don’t usually rent it out in the winters. 
The cottage can accommodate 8 people and no more people can stay there. If your group is bigger than 8, we suggest you consider Savottakämppä. Pitching tents in the near forests is not allowed. .


The cottage is 3km from the Saarijärvi entrance, near the Olhavanvuori hill, on the shore of Mustalampi pond. One motor vehicle is allowed to drive there at a time.

During the end of October, November and April the cottage is accessible by default only by foot. The approaching winter may change the road conditions rapidly during October and November. And depending on how early the spring is the snow and bad road conditions prevents accesing the cottage by vehicle during April. Tervarumpu is not liable for any problems with vehicles between October and May.

Cottage furnishings

  • A kitchen corner with a gas cooker 
  • A gas refrigerator
  • A canister for drinking water. The nearest well is at Olhava, 200 meters away.
  • An open fireplace as a heater (no central heating)
  • A sauna, with an attached water heater. 
  • A private lakeshore and a swimming dock
  • Tableware for 8
  • Two saucepans, a coffee pot and a frying pan
  • There are 8 mattresses in the sleeping balcony, including blankets and pillows.
  • A woodshed and a dry toilet
  • A tipi-like hut.
  • An axe is provided for chopping wood.

Notice! Candles, toilet paper and bed linen are not included. There is no electricity at the cottage.
Always remember: matches, toilet paper, a flashlight, candles and a sleeping bag. 

Making the reservation and visiting

Pihkapirtti is available during three seasons (Spring, summer and autumn). Cottage is on maintanance break during winter. Availability during October and november as well as April is decided closer to those periods. 

Pihkapirtti can only be reserved online by clicking the reservations button below. If you want to book several locations, add them into the shopping cart and proceed to payment.

The reservation starts at 12 o’clock, and departure time is at 10.00. Do not go to the cottage before your reservation starts.


You will get instructions about the keys in the reservation confirmation letter. The keys are in a locker at the cottage. You will get the locker PIN number in a text message two hours before your reservation starts.

The tenant is responsible for the key for the duration of their reservation. Please return the key at the end of the reservation to the locker where you got it from. If you do not return the key, you will be charged an appropriate sum disclosed in the terms and conditions.

Cleanliness, the final cleaning up and the trash

The tenant is responsible for the cleanliness of the cottage, the yard and the cottage amenities. The cottage must be cleaned carefully before leaving, so the next guest can enjoy their visit too. 

The Pihkapirtti cottage follows the litter-free hiking guideline. You can put bio waste into the dry toilet and burn any burnable materials (do not burn packages with aluminium and other metals). Don’t leave anything for the next guest to burn. Everything else you must take with you. Do not leave anything edible to the cottage. 


Housebroken dogs that are under 52cm in height are allowed in the Pihkapirtti cottage. The owner is responsible for the covering of the beds and blankets if the dog likes to sleep in bed. Try not to let the dog scrape the floors. Please make sure to clean away any dog hairs from the rugs and the rooms upon departure.
If dogs relieve themselves in the yard, the waste must be picked up and taken to the forest behind the dry toilet. 
Please tell us the breed and the size of the dog when making your reservation. Please read the “Pets” section in the terms and conditions before making a booking.

P.S. If the dog is bigger than 50cm, we recommend Kuutinkämppä.

Terms and conditions

The person making the reservations is fully responsible for the cottage and his/her friends. Please read the terms and conditions before making any reservations.


Kohde0Repoveden kansallispuisto / Repovesi National Park,52920 Kouvola
Lomakohteen tyyppi:Kämppä
Asuinpinta-ala:60 m²
Vuoteiden määrä:8


Keittiön kuvaus:In the kitchen corner there are: kitchen cabinets, a gas refrigerator, 2 saucepans, a frying pan, coffee pot, plates, glasses, coffee mugs, bowls, cutlery, a spatula, ladles. For doing the dishes there are bowls, brushes and dish soap. The utensils are for 8 people.
Pihan kuvaus:The cottage is on a hillside and the elevation difference between the cottage and the shore is over 10m. Stairs lead onto the swimming dock from the terrace. A open hut in in the yard, with a fireplace, two picnic tables, a woodshed and a dry toilet.
Rannan kuvaus:A stream falls into Mustalampi from the clear-watered Valkjärvi above. The stream outlet is in the south of the pond, where it continues to Kuutinlahti. The shore at Pihkapirtti turns deep quickly, up to a few meters. The bottom looks dark because of the organic matter from the trees.
Aktiviteettien kuvaus:The Pihkapirtti cottage is in the middle of the park, so naturally there are many hiking trails around. The central location gives ample opportunities for day hikes to the wonderful destinations in the area. From the Kuutinlahti kayaking base 500m away it?s possible to rent kayaks and canoes and go visit the suspension bridge at Lapinsalmi or go visit Kuutinkanava. It?s possible to organise climbing activities to the Olhavavuori hill next to the cottage. You can also order a wilderness cooking service to the cottage.


Mäntyharju (45 min)35 km
There are plenty of services in Mäntyharju, which is less than an hour-drive away from the cottage. There are several super markets, a gas station, a pharmacy, Alko and many other stores.
Lahti (1 h 40 min)104 km
Lahti is halfway from Pihkapirtti to Helsinki. You can find all the services you need in Lahti. The time estimation is with no heavy traffic.
Helsinki city centre (2h 45min)205 km
The time estimation is with no heavy traffic.
The Helsinki-Vantaa airport (2h 30min)199 km
The time estimation is with no heavy traffic.


Tervarumpu / Repovalkea Oy
+358 400 718 248
Y-tunnus: 2363958-7
Tervarumpu / Repovalkea Oy
+358 400 718 248
Y-tunnus: 2363958-7

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