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Fatbiking is fun – When on a visit in Finland, book a guided Fatbike tour in Helsinki or Espoo. Also group tours available! Embark now on a cycling adventure!

Fatbikes are more robust than normal mountain bikes and their tires are extra wide. Combined with the lower-than-normal tire air pressure, this creates greater friction and more cushion – you can ride your Fatbike on all terrains and soils, over small rocks and bumps with ease. The bikes are equipped with multiple gears, which make climbing hills easier. Fatbiking in Finland is simply put super fun. 

Natura Viva offers guided Fatbike tours in both The Paddling Center, Helsinki and Nuuksio Hawk Nest, Espoo locations. You can also rent a Fatbike for self-guided trips. 

Guided Fatbike tours

What would be more relaxed than an easy-paced biking tour across the wilderness? We offer guided Fatbike tours all year around in Vuosaari, Helsinki – The Winter Fatbike tour is particularly a very memorable tour – and during the summer season in Nuuksio National Park, Espoo. Our biking guides take care of everything, and you can just relax and enjoy the ride. In Vuosaari the terrain is more even and makes for effortless cycling around the district. There are beautiful tracks on the shoreside, calm forest trails and also nautical urban boulevards to be discovered. In Nuuksio National Park the terrain is more hilly and requires prior biking experience. Check out the tour alternatives below. 

Guided Fatbike tours for groups

You can book all the above-mentioned tours as private tours for your group (minimum 4 people). For even bigger travel parties and groups we offer customizable Fatbike tours and activities. These can also be combined with other outdoor activities, such as kayaking, canoeing or hiking. Contact us to find out more and read the group page for more information. 

Fatbike self-service rentals in Vuosaari during the winter season

Rent a Fatbike on any day during the winter season. The self-service rental service is available until the end of April. You can rent the bike starting from 2 hours up to a whole day. Upon payment you will receive more detailed instructions and the pin code. With the code you get access to the rental storage. Get on a Fatbike and try this great winter activity!

Choosing the right size bike for you

Size S is suitable for riders 150 – 170 cm in height.

Size M is suitable for riders 170 – 185 cm in height. 

Size L is suitable for riders 180 – 195 cm in height.

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