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Winter activities in Helsinki

In the recent years, winters in Helsinki have been very diverse. There are short periods of time, when the conditions are good for one activity, but this changes so quickly. So finding an activity that could be offered through the whole season has been a real challenge. If there is a lot of snow, snowshoeing is a great activity. But the last couple of winters there has been only little snow. Other activities such as skating and skiing are also very much subject to the weather conditions. There have been several days when we have had perfect conditions for skating on the sea ice. But again, it is impossible to predict the ice conditions in advance. You never know if it is cold enough. And if it does get cold, you hope it doesn’t start snowing right away. Luckily, fatbiking is something that works well in all conditions! We have just started to offer our Fatbike tours and it is a great activity.

Fatbiking is a great activity for the whole year in Helsinki

Riding a fatbike is just like riding a normal bike, but even easier. The big and fat tires make it easy on all terrain. You can ride on snow, ice, forest path and dirt roads. So even when the conditions are changing, riding a fatbike is still enjoyable. For about a week the weather was colder here and the sea was frozen. So you could easily ride the fatbikes on the ice. Now when it has been warmer again, we have had to move back on dry land, but it is just as good!

Riding your fatbike on different terrain

Our bikes are really easy-to-use single-speed bikes with both foot and hand brakes. They are not real mountain bikes for challenging conditions, but work really well on the relatively flat terrain in Eastern Helsinki. Adjusting the air pressure in the tires makes the bikes easy and safe to ride even in slippery conditions. The less air you have in the tires, the better the friction is. So if it feels slippery you just need to let a bit of air out. On uneven terrain the bikes roll easily over smaller obstacles. So even if they are not actual mountain bikes, you can ride on easy single track and trail.

Why try a winter activity in Helsinki?

Sometimes when it is cold out and the weather is not perfect you are just tempted to stay inside in the warm and maybe read a book. Or just visit museums, art galleries and all the other great things Helsinki has to offer. Even if the weather is not the best, it is always great to go out. Just dress properly for the weather and you will certainly have a great time. After doing something active outside you can always get back in, but you are one experience richer. So get out and try one of our tours in the winter!

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