Helsinki is a great place for kayaking. We will show you the best of the archipelago just 30 minutes from the city center. Join us now!

Kayaking for the first time

Here at Natura Viva paddling is our thing. We meet many first-time kayakers during each season. This text aims to help you get started with kayaking.

First you would probably like to find out why kayaking is such a great hobby 🙂 For a longer explanation why kayaking in Helsinki is so great for kayaking, you can read Ilkka’s text The Helsinki archipelago – a great kayaking destination! . The shorter version is that we all need exercise and for anyone who enjoys nature, kayaking is a fantastic way to experience the marine nature. When you go out kayaking you focus on what you are doing and you enjoy the beautiful surroundings, which does not leave space to worry about the groceries you need to buy, the meetings that are waiting for you at work tomorrow, etc.

First time kayak tour

Kayaking for the first time is fun!

Now, onto how you can get started. There are several different ways in which to start. For some people it is important to have a more experienced person around when trying a new sport, whereas others want to try out new things on their own. Whichever is your preferences we can help you get started with kayaking at the Vuosaari Paddling Center.

For those who enjoy the added safety of having a more experienced person around, we offer two different options. You can either join a guided tour or you can book a course for beginners.

Melontaa Vuosaaressa

There are a couple of tour options suitable for beginners. The first option is Helsinki by Kayak. It is a daily, 3h guided kayak tour suitable for beginners as well as experts.  This tour includes a sandwich break on an island and we provide the transportation between Helsinki city center and our paddling center in Eastern Helsinki. The other tour option is Let’s Paddle – An introduction to paddling!, which is a 2h guided kayak tour. On this tour your guides explain the basic skills needed on this kayaking tour and they take care of your safety during the 2h paddling tour. Let’s Paddle is not the equivalent of a kayaking course.  The Sea kayak beginners course is a total of 10h (spread over three evenings) and it aims at teaching participants the necessary skills for safe and independent kayaking. All these options allow you to try kayaking in the presence of a professional guide or instructor.

Then let’s move on and talk about the options for those that like to try out new things on their own. The Vuosaari Paddling Center has many different kayaks, which are suitable for kayakers of various skill levels. For beginners we recommend the Rainbow Oasis if you want to paddle in a single kayak and the Rainbow Oasis Twin if you want to try a double kayak. When deciding which day to try paddling, you should choose a day that is NOT windy. Rain does not matter, since with waterproof clothing kayaking is fun even on rainy days. A 2h rent is often enough for beginners, but if you plan to stop on an island for a picnic you will most likely need more time. For safety reasons we do not rent kayaks to big groups, for groups we offer guided tours.

Melonta Helsinki

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